Steroids for women

If a girl goes to the gym, she will look like a man

Even if the girl will be hard to train 4-5 times a week, then she will not build up huge muscles and will not look like a man. It’s all about genetics and hormones. If fitnessists are reading me, they will confirm that girls usually have a problem “how to build up a little muscle.” As a rule, the muscles in the legs easily grow in women, and there is almost no progress in the shoulder girdle. Of course, there are genetically gifted ladies who are relatively easy to build a muscular corset. But those units for hundreds.

“But how is that?”, The indignant reader from the couch exclaims, “I saw weightlifting or bodybuilding competitions, there are guys with ## Oh, and not girls.” The bottom line is that often girls go for a masculine and masculine nature into heavy sport. And it is they who reach heights there due to genetic predisposition, it is they who pass the entire selection. We impose on it a regular intake of male hormones and, voila, we get these ladies.

Yes, women regularly take steroids in sports, as it is not sad. But these are the rules of the game, or you accept them or take off. For women, this is extremely harmful for a simple reason. Anabolic steroids are male hormones and they go well into the male body. For women, they perform the role of transsexual hormone therapy. Well, if a guy starts accepting female hubbubs, he will begin to turn into a woman (not very beautiful, but a woman) and vice versa, athletes under the influence of male hormones acquire physical quality and signs of men.

All this is very harmful

By the way, it is very easy to determine if a woman uses steroids by voice. Even from small courses, a beautiful female voice begins to break like a 14-year-old boy. Surely you saw an interview with athletes with the voice of teenagers. All this is the effect of steroids. It is especially funny to listen when they are talking about pure sport with raspy bass.

Remember, if a girl practices in the gym even with dumbbells and (oh my God) a barbell, then nothing bad will happen. Of course, we do not forget about TB and the technique of doing the exercises (there is a trainer for this). It is very useful for women to pump the blood of the pelvic organs;

Do not promise

Unfortunately, male sex hormones in our country are on the list of ADD (highly active substances) and their illegal sale is a criminal offense. You can freely buy female hormones, but there will be problems with male hormones.

Steroids is a huge underground illegal black market. Of course, they are far from drugs, but something like that. Law is law.

What does selling mean? This means that if an old chum Vasya calls you and says, “Bro, not in the padla, sell a pack of pills or a bottle of oil”, and you sell it to him, or even just give it for free, then you fall under the criminal article. Sale, donation, transfer free of charge is a sale, it is a criminal act.

Remember, if you chemize, then never give up or give away steroids.

I give an example. Vasya starts selling steroids and is caught by the police. The police said Vasya “or you merge us with 3 more baryg, or you sit in a jail. Do you know what they are doing in the jail “. Vasya is wildly frightened and writes his friends “Bro, push a bottle of testosterone.” Believe me, Vasya will be like it that you have been friends for 10 years, Vasya will calm his conscience with an “aged mother” or “yes his parents will otmazhut” or “yes, and dick with him, he is still an asshole”. And the police will merge you with a bang. Remember, never sell steroids.

Their acquisition and storage without a sales purpose is not punishable. But there are many legal subtleties. If you are not legally grounded, then you can easily unleash.


Peter wanted biceps and Peter bought a small pack of pills on the site. At the post office, plainclothes officers approached Pete, showed him crusts and asked, “Petya? What do you have in the package? Petya is wildly frightened and tries to lie: “anabolics! But this is not for me, this is for a friend. ” Thus, Peter himself sews article 234 of the Russian Federation, as it is recognized in sales. By the way, this is a true story. If Petya said “there are anabolics there, I want to become like Arnold,” then he would simply be released, well, they would probably take the pills and give him a little brain a challenge, “put on a pencil”, but let him go.

Another example. Petya buys pills for the second time, already taught. He buys them on the Internet. He comes package wrapped. He gets it and, yopt, the police take it under his arms. Petya says “this is mine, this is for me, I eat it.” Okay, the police say, and hang on him Article 226-1 of the UK RF. And this is smuggling. Really bad article for which you can actually go to jail. And all because Peter ordered his balaboliki from another country, such as Ukraine or China. Yes, even from the countries of the customs union can grab the problems (despite the recent changes in the law). Remember, if you do not rummage, then you only unleash it.

Of course, it is still necessary to manage to fly. As a rule, they graze at the post office in those cases when they huff up a huckster and collect his clients (witnesses). Many have been buying contraband steroids for years and assure everyone that everything is fine. Who as lucky. Believe me, you are not lucky. That you fly. Therefore, a hundred times think about whether it is at all.

Anabolics, veterinarians and pensioners are very controversial dull disorders. By the way, many police are actively swinging on the farm. But do not forget about the stick system, do not forget that for many of them the jock chemist is something like a junkie addict. Usually they catch “big fish”, or large Internet baryg or real baryg, and all the others just cling to a wide nonsense and go witnesses. If there are any savvy guys here, I think they will confirm that there is only one step from the witness to the suspect. Here you can rassusolivat much. Just the reality is that and have to put up with it.

If you are such a fearless Zorro and decided to risk for the sake of dubious biceps and the prospects for chemical castration, then at least bother with the number of a lawyer and money to pay for his call. In the case of aerial shut up on the 51st (Art. Of the Russian Federation) and call. Or mom / dad that they were looking for a lawyer. Immediately turn into a deaf-mute imbecile with amnesia and call mamma. Yes, the mother then rolls your belt, and will remember this case all her life, but this is anything better than a suspended sentence received for a pack of steroid steroids because of stupidity. Even the condition is very bad, maybe it will ruin your studies and career.