Fitness and bodybuilding

Anabolic steroid

This increased blood pressure and elevated levels of harmful cholesterol. Anabolic steroids often cause fluid retention and thicken the blood, as well as increase the level of bad cholesterol. What does it mean? That’s right, all this increases the likelihood of heart attacks and strokes. A competent chemist begins his day by taking medications to prevent blood liquefaction and drugs to lower bad cholesterol. Do you know many such “chemists”? Personally, I am 10-15 people out of a hundred.

There are two more really dangerous consequences.

If nothing hurts, then fine. And the fact that the printout of his blood test can cause hiccups from a doctor who has read this analysis, he does not understand. And if he understands, then he takes it later. Saw for sure the huge guys with bulging veins on the forehead, which even when walking puff and puff. A sort of huge bastards in a pre-stroke state. Personally, I regularly give a general blood test, a hormone test, a test for different types of cholesterol, and do an ultrasound of the entire liver. And that, all this is not enough, to be honest.

Acceptance of tableted steroids increases liver indices (bilirubin, alt, ast) by almost the same level as that of a patient with hepatitis. In fairness, I note that after the abolition of the pills, these figures return to normal. There are people who are not lucky and from whom they do not return to normal and have to carry out therapy.

In general, the liver is one of the most enduring organs in humans. But to use steroids in the form of tablets is nonsense doubly. Firstly, because steroids by themselves without medical indicators is strange. Secondly, the pill is ineffective and harmful. If we chose a chemist, then only a syringe and only intramuscularly. Ce la vie.

Synthetic testosterone and its analogues have virtually no effect on the liver. Moreover, testosterone is a natural hormone in the body of a man, it is not toxic. A person physically can not overdose on testosterone, he simply does not have enough muscles for such a number of injections.

Bodybuilders die from different drugs

For example, diuretics and antibiotics. If you heard that “the bodybuilder died during the competition”, then you should know that it happened, most likely, because he took too many diuretics to push the water out from under the skin (to improve the relief). Deaths occur every year. Often, these are people who by nature had any diseases, such as heart disease or weak kidneys. So they do not withstand such loads. My good friend died from the fact that he began to refuse all organs. Extensive thrombosis caused by increased cholesterol and abuse of antibiotics. And this is against the background of an absolute HLS. For me it was a shock, but, unfortunately, not a surprise.

Every year, young people die who cannot calculate the load on the cardiovascular system. Fainting at competitions is generally the norm. Regularly bodybuilders pick up in an ambulance. At past competitions, one athlete had a clinical death, fortunately he had time to pump out. All these cases are rare, but regular.

In general, sport isn’t harmful and dangerous

Physical education is useful, and sport is harm and injury. All these horrors relate to severe extreme chemical bodybuilding.

If you go to the gym with the guys, press your sotochka and look great, then this is only good. Even if you are an amateur chemist and you have enough brains at least once a quarter to pass the necessary tests and take the necessary preparations against side effects, then, frankly, there is nothing to fear except sterility.

A great sport, whether it is extreme bodybuilding, or weightlifting, or walking or cycling, is always an increased risk and danger.

Some lovers who have had the brain to use the hormone insulin unsupervised, faint, fall into a hypoglycemic coma and, sometimes, die from it. This, of course, you need to be awesome smart person to prick such a drug without supervision. There were cases that the guys were put on insulin in the evening, after a couple of hours, the contented went to bed and did not wake up.

Maybe they saw on TV about 2-3 years ago a flurry of reports “the young guy died from anabolic steroids”, where he was found on the floor with a syringe in Europe. The report was complete nonsense, but the guy really died after he set himself 120 U of insulin. Lethal dose, by the way, starts from 50-60EDU (depending on the weight and susceptibility to the drug). Why did he do it? Already no one will answer. Or perverted suicide or lack of nerve thickening between the ears.

Among the mens, you can often hear stories like “after 20 units of insulin began to faint, barely crawled to the refrigerator to stop hypoglycemia.” Remember, if you don’t do it professionally, if you don’t perform at least at the regional level, then forget about insulin, you can glue fins together without any jokes. This is a complex drug requiring competent administration.