About anabolic steroids without embellishment and myths

Immediately I say that everything written below is my personal opinion, which I do not want to impose on anyone in any way. I do not want to discuss the controversial moral and ethical aspects of these issues, as well as to prove something to those who disagree. These articles are intended only for those to whom they are interesting and to whom this information will be useful.

For a start, I just want to answer the most common and pressing questions, and then how it goes.

Today we will talk about sportpit, steroids, death from “anabolic steroids”, women-pitches and criminality.

80% of sports nutrition is protein mixture – the so-called proteins. It is often made from waste cheese production, from whey, and no “chemistry” in the process is not particularly involved. In fact, protein is a “kind of” baby food. If in general terms, there are proteins with carbohydrates (gainer), there are fast-digestible proteins with virtually no carbohydrates (isolate), there are proteins that are slowly digestible (casein). The remaining 20 percent are all sorts of amino acids of different types, supplements for tonus and other beautiful marketing.

Sports nutrition in the construction of the figure does not play such a big role, as they say in advertising. This is an oversized marketing ploy that allows you to fill the pockets of sportpit sellers. If you read or hear something like “this additive will explode your muscles” or “10 kilograms of muscles per month”, or “new superfood Amino Anabolo Mass 4000”, then you know, they want you to … There are no legal supplements that work so powerfully. Well, just not all. Sports nutrition very well helps to adjust and supplement the diet of an experienced athlete, there are really working things. But do not believe in fairy tales and brilliant advertising tricks. This is what I tell you as a sportpit seller.

Often I see skinny guys who are purchased in several packages and carry them with glassy eyes, in which “I will shake now”.

Advertising works

For an intelligent athlete, their monthly set will last for half a year for sure. Abuse of sports nutrition will cause irreparable benefit to the pockets of sellers and will delight your toilet. Nothing will fall off, but if the kidneys are diseased, then they can be harmed (in fairness, it should be noted that there is not much to do with diseased kidneys). You can also get an upset stomach that cannot cope with such a protein load.

If you eat protein more than 3g per 1 kg of weight, then you can get poisoned by the products of protein breakdown and thunder in the hospital. I even know such a case. But, most likely, you will not be able to physically digest so much and just make your cacahs look good.

For a beginner athlete, there will be enough cans of creatine for the eyes and a protein bag that will take about a month and a half. Creatine is a really cheap penny supplement that actually works at a dosage of 5 grams per day. Oh yes, “kreos” in Russian means “meat”. This is the question of “chemistry”.

Protein also supplements your diet, saturated with slow carbohydrates and proteins. Complemented, it does not mean “replaced.” The basis of nutrition should be a real tasty and healthy food. Protein in your menu should be “cherry on the cake.” That is, the refusal of it should not stop the progress and break the system of obtaining calories. Also, protein is very helpful when you are hungry, but there is no food with you. It is better to dilute the protein mixture in the water and drink it, than to starve. In general, protein is a kind of “rubber woman” on an uninhabited island. Or “cancer” in bezrybe.