Testosterone Replacement Therapy

In an ideal world, amateur athletes visit the gym to promote their health. They move weights, cross boundaries, eat healthy and increase their exercise performance until they are satisfied with the results. In this world, athletes also have an identical testosterone level and have no shortage!

Unfortunately, this ideal world does not exist. Everyday stress and a modern lifestyle mean that the quota of persons suffering from a testosterone deficiency continues to rise.

Sadly, we live in a time when impatience determines action. No one likes waiting for success or patience to later reap the rewards of his discipline.

It happens that even young athletes unknowingly resort to the first injection, even before they press their own body weight on the bench or have exhausted the potential of training and nutrition. This is scary and can not be tolerated.

On the other hand there are also athletes who suffer from a lack of testosterone and would benefit from an external testosterone supplement. The negative perception of steroids, which is fueled by the abuse of impatient freshmen, but they often opt against a testosterone replacement therapy, although they could increase their quality of life with it.

A minimum of background knowledge provides the following four points, which should clear up with prejudices about a testosterone replacement therapy!

# 1 – Steroid use is not automatically scam

Even if it does not want to admit militant steroid opponents: the use of anabolic steroids does not automatically cause a person to become a monster without effort overnight.

If there is a diagnosed lack of testosterone, a testosterone dose is similar to the use of prescription asthma medication if the patient is proven to have asthma.

The symptoms of a testosterone deficit are manifold. Depression, lack of drive, lack of libido and muscle atrophy are just a few of the many features. With these restrictions, however, a large proportion of men live because they believe they would cheat on undergoing testosterone replacement therapy.

To return to the asthma patient once again: with appropriate medication, this will be able to significantly increase his training performance, because he no longer has to suffer from respiratory distress and must not be afraid to collapse breathless under the barbell. Nobody here would even dream of considering the drugs a fraud. So why testosterone replacement therapy, which fixes a detected deficit and brings the values to a normal level?

It must be noted that a distinction between a testosterone replacement therapy and a cure must be made. Who worried by manipulated testosterone values a prescription at the doctor of his confidence and with 250mg of testosterone enanthate per week to counter his alleged deficiency, is not in a replacement therapy. He is in the middle of a cycle.

# 2 – Testosterone replacement does not just mean testosterone

Once you’ve decided to fix it, it’s a bit more complex than many people feel. Just to the nice doctor next door, on prescription get the ampoules, in short the needle and be happy for the rest of life. It is not that easy.

A testosterone replacement therapy goes hand in hand with permanent monitoring of various blood levels. There is no effect without side effect and all the positive properties that result from the elimination of a deficiency can be accompanied by side effects.

For this reason, it is inevitable that the dear uncle doctor checked every one to three months, the blood levels in order to detect any occurring deviations of the following data as early as possible:

  • Free testosterone
  • Total testosterone
  • estrogen
  • SHBG
  • FSH
  • LH
  • DHT
  • PSA
  • TSH
  • T3
  • T4
  • HCG

Because many doctors are not deep enough in the matter, initiative is required. Who starts a testosterone replacement therapy, must take responsibility for it and deal independently with mechanisms of action in the body. Only then can appropriate injection intervals and dosages be worked out and adapted together with the attending physician.

Not interested in research? The likelihood that an 0815 textbook course will be prescribed is great. Although this will remove a deficiency over a short period of time and increase the quality of life, it will end up in a hole of depression and listlessness if the injection interval is too long.

# 3 – Testosterone replacement therapy is not a short-term matter

The difference between an ill-conceived beginner’s cure and a testosterone replacement therapy is the duration.

Hobby athletes use anabolic steroids over a period of time to drop off and hope that as much lean mass as possible remains. If you opt for a testosterone replacement therapy, you must be prepared to live with injections throughout your life.

A lack of testosterone can not be treated like a flu. He is not gone sometime. He can only be compensated again and again. One will not hope for a short time, that you dance free of jets and with a corrected deficit through life.

In addition, a few days will be taken before the dose and injection interval are correct. Adjustments are necessary at the beginning of a testosterone replacement therapy to avoid mirror fluctuations.

All in all, as a person affected, one should not hope that one is permanently cured and must decide where the priorities lie. Would I like to be happy with a dose that is right for me, even though I need needles for the rest of my life, or is my current condition acceptable despite the lack of it and I refrain from substituting it?

# 4 – It’s no big deal

According to the points discussed so far, one could easily be deterred as a person affected and prematurely throw in the towel. Although blood tests, injections and any side effects may sound like a horror movie at first, testosterone replacement therapy is not a public act.

It only becomes a big deal when athletes abuse illegal substances without brains and brains, and the media scents a chance to drive a new sow through the village. This will deprive many athletes of the opportunity to remedy their shortcoming.

Experience has shown that patients who decide to have a therapy for a defined lack, a whole new attitude to life. Suddenly there is energy. You are happy about the little things in life. Listlessness is a thing of the past.

This article should not motivate anyone to visit the first doctor in the next moment and start directly with a testosterone replacement therapy. Still less does it serve as an absolution for those who shop at the backyard dealer and call the whole testosterone replacement therapy.

Nevertheless, it must be noted that improving the quality of life for those affected can be worth much and brings a whole new feeling. So if you suffer from severe depression and a proven deficit, you can and should think about such a therapy.